Rotary Hammer SDS-max - Light model Overdue


  • Rotary Hammer SDS-max
  • Boorhamer SDS-max
  • Marteau Perforateur SDS-max


  • Power / Vermogen / Puissance: 1100W
  • Impact energy / Slagkracht / Force de frappe: 8J
  • Weight / Gewicht / Poids: 6,8kg

Check out the link to our drilling application diagram on our main inventory page to find the hammer that's most suited for your project!

Standard accessories

This tool is supplied with the following accessories:

  • TE230-A1 Stick-type side handle
  • TE230-A2 Depth stop rod
  • TC058 drill bit grease dispenser
  • cleaning rag

A D-shaped side grip for chiselling is available on request (optional accessory TA653 or TA654). This grip should never be used for drilling as it does not allow to safely control the reaction torque in case the drill jams.