Wallpaper steamer In Maintenance


  • Wallpaper steamer
  • Behangafstomer
  • Détapisseuse


  • Power / Vermogen / Puissance: 2750W
  • Weight / Gewicht / Poids: 9,2kg
  • Hose / Darm / Tuyau: 5m
  • Tank / Tankvolume / Réservoir: 7,5l


  • Professional, fast-action steam wallpaper stripper
  • Heats up in 18 minutes and provides 90 minutes of steam
  • Large (305mm x 253mm) steamplate for quick wallpaper removal
  • Top of machine has a profiled step that you can stand on (max 1 person, 120kg) to reach the top of walls
  • Exterior water indicator
  • Anti-kink hose
  • Convenient on-board storage for cable, hose and steamplate
  • Storage spools for hose and power cord

Use the wallpaper perforator for better penetration of steam and faster removal of wallpaper.

Standard accessories

This tool is supplied with the following accessories:

  • TE020-A1 steaming plate 24x32cm
  • TE020-A2 steaming plate 7,5x15cm