Submersible Pump for clean water In Stock Now


  • Submersible pump for clean water
  • Dompelpomp voor zuiver water
  • Pompe submersible pour eau claire


  • Power / Vermogen / Puissance: 250W
  • Flow rate / Debiet / Débit: 90l/min
  • Max. head / Opvoerhoogte / Hauteur d'élévation: 5,5m
  • Min water level / Minimum waterniveau / Niveau d'eau minimal: 5mm
  • Cord length / Snoerlengte / Longueur cordon: 10m
  • Outlet connection: 3/4" M / gardena fitting
  • Protection class / Afdichtingsklasse / Classe d'étanchéité: IP68


  • This pump can be used to drain infiltrating water from cellars etc., to empty reservoirs with clean or slightly dirty water, or for irrigation purposes.
  • The float height is adjustable to set the water level at which the pump switches on/off. With the float set to the lowest level, the pump can be used to drain the water right down to the floor. In this case, please supervise the pump to switch it off when the floor has been reached and avoid that the pump runs dry, which will damage it. To remove the last few mm of water, you can use a wet/dry vacuum cleaner such as TE019, TE082 or TE103.
  • Caution: do not use this pump to drain flammable or agressive liquids or when people are standing in the water being pumped. Make sure the power supply is protected by a 30 mA ground fault circuit interrupter.