Circular Saw - Small model (55mm) - Plunge type Due 01/07/2022


  • Circular Saw
  • Cirkelzaag
  • Scie Circulaire


  • Power / Vermogen / Puissance: 1200W
  • Blade size / Zaagblad / Lame de scie: 160x20mm
  • Max. depth of cut / Max. zaagdiepte / Profondeur de coupe max.: 55mm
  • Weight / Gewicht / Poids: 4,5kg

This saw can be used without any adapters on Makita and Festool guide rails:

The plunge function allows for cuts to be started in the middle of the material. Bevel cuts (with saw tilted) are also possible while using the guide rail; even at an angle, the blade will still cut right alongside the rail.

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